Prime Minister Addresses Virtual Conference (D8) - COVID Recovery Plan
For the enhancement in trade activities, PM conducted the D8 conference source:

Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks in front of a virtual meeting of developing 8 (D8) in order to expand the trading scope and assembling the resources. The purpose of this conference is to overtake the Corona outbreak and minimize its effects.

Mobilization of Finance and Resouces – Prime Minister Statement

In fact, while addressing the D8 virtual conference, the Prime minister put emphasis on economic cooperation. The main objective is to promote collaboration in the fields of advancement and as well as progression. In addition, the PM requested to include Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan among its partners respectively. While developing the strategy to cope with the health  ad as well as economic crises, Imran khan said,

“We should organize the funding and resources to quickly overcome the economic and health disasters that we are facing because of Corona Pandemic”.

“We should develop an exceptional plan to control the emergency situation we are facing because of this pandemic” premier stated while speaking in front of the D-8 conference.

Furthermore, the premier said that no country can deal with this life-threatening situation alone, we have to gather and work collectively. The idea of boosting the trade between the developing countries also presented at the conference.

Promotion of knowledge-based Economics – Prime Minister Address

“The development of technology is the foremost step to bring economic well being specifically in the post-pandemic time when the public reliance on technology would be great”. Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasized.

“For the enhancement in the life of citizens by improving standards of health, boost the food security parameters and also support one another in the crucial time of natural crisis” – Premier added.

To Conclude

Imran Khan said while concluding the seminar that D8 should put special attention to modify the technological productivity and efficiency and emphasize providing COVID-19 vaccines as global public stuff to make sure that all the countries receive the vaccines on time so that lives can be safe. He further added that the vaccine-producing industries should speed up their processes to distribute their formula to the developing countries for a sufficient vaccine supply.

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