PM Imran Khan shows dissatisfaction at Sindh govt’s Decision
‘You cannot keep hungry individuals under lockdown’: PM Imran source:

Rejected the Sindh govt recommendation to impose a “complete lockdown.”

PM Imran Khan on Sunday criticized the partial coronavirus imposed by the Sindh government against the Federal government’s wishes, saying doing so would break the back of the ordinary person. He expressed his views on the matter during live telephone calls with Pakistani people.

First three waves of the Covid-19 pandemic

The Prime Minister began the session by thanking the people of Pakistan in cooperation with the government for the first three waves of the Covid-19 epidemic and urged them to hold on to the SOPs to stop the spread of the fourth wave.

limited lockdown on the rising cases of Covid-19

He addresses the government about Sindh’s decision to set a limited lockdown on the rising cases of Covid-19, saying it did not consider the plight of the poor.  “We have had a minor dispute between the Federal government and Sindh,” the premier acknowledged. “The Sindh government wanted to introduce a ban on the spread of the disease, which would prevent the spread of the virus.

Hungry people cannot be put under lockdown

on the other hand, the thing we need to see is whether we will be able to save the economy from closure? Then there is the matter of hunger, who earn every day, especially the most inferior part of our society. How will they be able to support themselves during the closing hours? “

Devastation in India

The prime minister cited the example of “destruction in India” to tell the Sindh government “never to impose a law before getting answers to these questions.” “Their (Indian) government obligatory imprisonment promptly without thinking something of the general public. They only thought of the upper class and elite like us,” the PM said. “Sindh government ought to understand that after you force imprisonment, you’re aiming to keep individuals hungry. you can’t keep hungry individuals beneath imprisonment if you are doing not have the resources to bring them food.”

Policy of vaccination

Prime Minister Imran said the policy of vaccination and mass vaccination was the way to go, as he emphasized that the economy “which survives the worst of times and is on its way to the top” should not be harmed in any way.

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