PM Imran Khan inaugurates Skardu International Airport.
The PM addressed many PTI supporters and locals at the Skardu Municipal Stadium. source:

The airport in Skardu previously operated only on domestic flights. However, its status was raised on 2nd December as it accepted international flights. Speaking to a crowd at Municipal Stadium Skardu, the premier said the elevation of the stadium to the international airport would bring unexpected changes for the locals. Moreover, he told GB had “the most beautiful mountain range in the world” but lamented that people did not know enough about it because travel was difficult.

Overseas Pakistanis and domestic tourists

He predicted that tourists, including Pakistani overseas and locals, would arrive in large numbers after the development of the airport as well as the road. although “Tourism can be a major asset to Pakistan,” he said, adding that if Switzerland could generate $ 70 billion in tourism, it could mean that Pakistan could also create more revenue for tourism throughout the year. “We could make at least $ 30- $ 40 billion in tourism just per GB”.

We have not taken benefit of the blessings of God

The prime minister also highlighted religious tourism and the power of the idle coastline. “We have not benefited from the blessings God has given us.” He added that locals would benefit the most from tourism because they would no longer travel long distances to find work. Instead, people came to their places to get jobs”. Explaining his vision, the prime minister said no country could truly prosper until it lifted its poor people and developed backward and neglected areas.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office

During his visit to Skardu, Prime Minister Imran was scheduled to preside over various meetings of the different development programs and review the one-year operation of the Gilgit-Baltistan government.

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