PM Imran Khan grieves the demise of PTI activist in the USA
Khurram Mahmood ran social media campaigns of the ruling party

Khurram Mahmood, who was conducting the ruling party’s communications campaigns from the USA

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday expressed his sadness over the death of Pakistani official Tehreek e Insaf PTI Khurram Mahmood, who was conducting a ruling party communications campaign from the USA.

Khurram Mahmood was a successful businessman

It is sad to hear of the death of Khurram Mahmood in the USA, said the Prime Minister when he heard about the businessman who worked for PTI as a communications activist.

“He was a successful businessman and a dedicated communications activist for PTI,” Imran Khan said in a tweet today.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will arrive in Karachi on September 27

Apart from the Office of the Prime Minister, it has been confirmed that Prime Minister Imran Khan will arrive in Karachi on September 27 (Monday) on a day-long trip to lay the groundwork for the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) project. According to the details, all arrangements related to the groundbreaking of the modern Karachi Circular Railway have been completed at the Karachi Cantonment railway station.

The premier will be accompanied by the Minister of Railways Azam Swati and other government ministers. the Prime Minister will hold several meetings at Governor House, Karachi, to find a forum on ongoing development projects in Karachi, party affairs, and the political situation in the province. Moreover, The project aims to build flyovers and sub-KCR routes to eliminate cross-road routes at level 22. The planned cost of the project is Rs20.71 billion on a cost-sharing basis. The project will help navigate the KCR train. KCR is looking at the construction of a low-cost 43-kilometer low-cost system using environmentally-friendly electric trains.

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