'Parizaad' to be translated and rebranded into Arabic for Saudi viewers.
Pakistani Drama Serial Parizaad is set to air in the Arabic Language. image source: dunyanews.tv


Parizaad: Pakistani dramas have gained immense popularity worldwide in recent years, captivating audiences with their compelling storytelling, strong performances, and relatable narratives. Now, one of Pakistan’s most beloved series, “Parizaad,” is all set to enchant a new audience as it prepares to be aired in Arabic. The Arabic adaptation, titled “Qareeban,” is expected to be a cultural treat for viewers in the Arab-speaking world.


The Story of Parizaad:

“Parizaad,” originally aired in Pakistan, tells the story of a young man named Parizaad, brilliantly portrayed by Ahmed Ali Akbar. Parizaad is a socially awkward individual who struggles to find acceptance in a society that values superficial beauty. The drama explores themes of self-worth, identity, and the true meaning of beauty, providing a thought-provoking and emotional journey for viewers.

Why the Arabic Adaptation Matters:

The decision to adopt “Parizaad” into Arabic reflects the growing popularity of Pakistani dramas beyond the borders of Pakistan. Pakistani television dramas have already found a dedicated following in various countries, and the Arabic-speaking audience is no exception. By translating and adapting “Parizaad” into Arabic, the creators ensure that a wider audience can engage with and appreciate the story and its underlying themes.

Cultural Exchange and Understanding:

One of the significant benefits of such adaptations is the opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding. Pakistani dramas often showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage, values, and traditions. By introducing these narratives to an Arab audience, the show allows for a deeper appreciation and understanding of Pakistani culture. Similarly, it enables Pakistani viewers to gain insights into Arab culture through their response to the adaptation. Such exchanges foster cross-cultural dialogue and promote a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Ahmed Ali : A Rising Star:

The success of “Parizaad” owes much to the talented and versatile actor Ahmed Ali Akbar. Known for his exceptional performances in both film and television, Akbar’s portrayal of Parizaad has garnered critical acclaim and touched the hearts of audiences. With his nuanced acting skills and ability to bring depth to complex characters, Akbar is poised to leave a lasting impression on Arab viewership. His talent and dedication contribute to making “Qareeban” an eagerly awaited drama series.


Anticipation and Expectations:

The announcement of “Qareeban” has created a buzz among fans of Pakistani dramas and Arab audiences alike. The expectation is high for this cultural crossover, with viewers eagerly anticipating how the story and characters will resonate in an Arab context. The success of other Pakistani dramas in the Arab world, such as “Humsafar” and “Zindagi Gulzar Hai,” has set the stage for “Qareeban” to make its mark as well.


As Pakistani dramas continue to gain global recognition, the Arabic adaptation of “Parizaad” as “Qareeban” is a significant step towards expanding their reach and fostering cultural understanding. With its compelling storyline, exceptional performances, and exploration of universal themes, this highly acclaimed series is poised to captivate Arab viewers and create a new wave of appreciation for Pakistani television dramas.

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