Pakistan reaffirms stand on Palestine of two state solution as set out in UN resolutions, FM Qureshi.

Pakistan on Thursday restated its call for an independent Palestinian state under the United Nations’ (UN) resolutions, a couple of days after Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates inked harmony arrangements to normalize relations with Israel.

He added, Palestinian’s right to self-assurance is unavoidable and we restore call for establishment of independent State of Palestine on basis of globally acknowledged boundaries with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as capital.

As per the normalization deal, Israel has promised to suspend its arranged takeover of Palestinian grounds in return for normalization of relations with the UAE.

A joint statement gave by the three countries said US President Donald Trump, Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed had acknowledged to the full normalization of ties among Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

The announcement said that because of this clever discovery and at the request of President Trump with the help of the United Arab Emirates, Israel will suspend declaring self-government over regions of the West Bank that were imagined in a US plan declared by Trump in January.

Although, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme said the UAE, by signing to an arrangement to normalize ties with Tehran’s arch-foe Israel, has cheated the entire Muslim world.

Khamenei said in a speech, the UAE cheated the world of Islam, the Arab countries, the region’s nations, and Palestine, parts of which were broadcast by state television

He included, obviously, this cheating won’t keep going long however the dishonor will remain with them.

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