Pakistan officially joined the Madrid system to secure trademarks.
Pakistan joins Madrid System: Source:

Pakistani brand owners to attain protection:

Pakistan has officially joined the Madrid System to secure trademarks in 124 member nations. It will make it simpler and more influential for Pakistani brand owners to gain assurance in export markets.

Pakistan’s trademark holders will secure their brand name

Pakistan’s trademark holders will secure their brand names in member nations with the promotion to the Madrid Protocol and by presenting an application to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to encourage working together.

As per an official statement from the WIPO, on Feb 24, Pakistan deposited its instrument of increase to the Madrid Protocol with WIPO’s Director General, making it the 108th member from the Madrid System.

Pakistan can start utilizing the Madrid System:

On May 24, local brand owners in Pakistan can utilize the system to ensure their trademarks in the 123 territories of the system’s other 107 members by applying a single worldwide application and paying a single set of expenses.

Benefit from the Madrid registration system

Darren Tang said that little and medium ventures in Pakistan like spice creator Shaan Foods or style house Khadi to get insurance in the export markets and profit from Madrid’s simple registration system and cricket stars or different Pakistani personalities whose personal brand is known everywhere in the world.

For those interested in bringing their brands into an enormous Pakistan market of more than 200 million, the system will make it simpler for them to enter and scale into Pakistan for different individuals from the Madrid family. With its system promotion, Pakistan has made significant steps supporting its brand owners, business people, and ventures and reinforcing its IP environment.

Madrid System rise as a vital part of securing marks internationally

Pakistan’s accession highlights the Madrid System’s rise as a vital part of securing marks internationally, presenting an advantageous and cost-effective solution for brand owners worldwide and in the South Asian region

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