Pagal Khana Teaser Featuring Saba Qamar and Sami Khan Revealed!
Pagal Khana-Teaser Drops: Saba Qamar and Sami Khan Set to Steal the Show

Saba Qamar’s upcoming drama series, Pagal Khana, has just unveiled its inaugural teaser trailer, offering a glimpse into what promises to be an exceptional show. Boasting a star-studded cast and a compelling narrative, Green Entertainment is gearing up to deliver another masterpiece starring Saba Qamar, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating its release.

Storyline of Serial Pagal Khana:

The drama serial’s storyline generates considerable excitement among fans of the talented actress. The narrative is described as follows: “True, pure love possesses the ability to engulf every aspect of one’s soul, longing to unite with the beloved. Brace yourselves for an enchanting journey into the realm of true love with Pagal Khana.”

Cast of the Pagal Khana

The creators have unveiled the comprehensive cast lineup for the drama series, and what we’ve witnessed so far is just the beginning. Anticipations are high, with the expectation that the cast will feature some notable names. Among the ensemble for the drama series are:

  • Sami Khan
  • Saba Qamar
  • Omair Rana
  • Momal Sheikh
  • Syed Jibran
  • Adnan Shah Tipu
  • Mashal Khan
  • Faiza Gilani
  • Jan Rambo

Drama Writer of Pagal Khana

Iqbal Hussain is the writer of the drama serial, marking his inaugural venture into scriptwriting, and it seems to be an immediate success.

Drama Director of Pagal Khana

Iqbal Hussain is at the helm of directing the drama serial, bringing with him a wealth of experience in directing quality drama series over the years. Some of his notable works include:

  1. Wehshi
  2. Qissa Meherbano Ka
  3. Maryam Pereira
  4. Nazr e Bad

Drama Producer

Multiverse Entertainment is the production company behind the drama serial, giving it dedicated attention, and we anticipate it to be an outstanding series. However, this production house has a track record of delivering exceptional content, including:

  1. Nauroz
  2. Idiot
  3. 101 Talaqain
  4. 22 Qadam
  5. Jeevan Nagar
  6. Siyaah
  7. Kabli Pulao

Release Date:

We will watch this drama serial soon on Green TV, and it looks good.

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