Nalaiq is the story filled with problems, unjust, home politics, and a lot of happiness. The drama serial is written by Imran Nazir, directed by Adeel Qamar Khan and produced by Momina Duraid Productions.

The cast includes Imran Aslam, Asad Arsalan Butt, Eshal Syed, Alia Khan, Amna Raja, Afshan Qureshi, Hina Shahid, Ayesha Mirza, Rubina Alvi, Michelle Mumtaz, Mahnoor Sheikh and Others.

Nishaal is an innocent and decent girl, her parents left her at a young age. In any case, her motherly auntie is so cruel. Outwardly, she shows as though she really cares about her. Although, deep inside she is using her. She causes her to do all house work. Moreover, she says that she will make her daughter in-law. But, it doesn’t appear as.

The two cousins of Nishaal, Ayeza and Fauza don’t treat her good. One of her cousins called her house keeper and the other destroyed her most favorite dress. In addition, her cousin was not even heartbroken about it. But, Nishaal didn’t express a word to them.

Nalaiq is the story filled with problems, unjust, home politics

While cleaning up the room of her cousin, she saw numerous books and notes on which she stated, “I wish I was educated so then none would call me unqualified”. But unfortunately, her auntie and uncle didn’t allow her to study.

Athiya is a motherly auntie of Nishaal and a fatherly auntie of Ayeza and Faiza. Although, the genuine side of this cruel family is unseen from Athiya. They indicated as they deal with Nishaal a great deal and don’t let her do any work.

All of the character did their job greatly and it’s the beginning of the show there is a lot more twists to come.

Nalaiq is the story filled with problems, unjust, home politics

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