NADRA is working on converting National ID cards into Digital wallets.
NADRA Converting ID Cards into Digital Wallets. source:

Under the government’s Digital Pakistan Vision, the National Database and Registration Authority NADRA turns National Identity Cards into a digital wallets. Nadra CEO Tariq Malik said that to make this idea a reality, we have launched the mobile app ‘Pak Identity’ as a major component of digital wallets, allowing state ID applicants to apply online.

Without visiting a Nadra Office :

Moreover, the software enables collecting biometric fingerprints, face recognition, and scanning documents needed to process a person’s identity card using a cell phone without visiting the Nadra embassy. However, an update to existing applications may be available by the end of this year.

Nadra will go for a digital wallet :

CEO Tariq Malik said the app helps check for documents required to process a person’s identity with the help of biometric fingerprints, face recognition, and scan papers needed for processing a person’s ID card using smartphones. Moreover, he said 75,000 Pakistanis living abroad could obtain their Identity Cards (also known as NIKOP) in a short period using the application, which includes two home authentication. No need to go to the NADRA office or embassy.

Contactless biometric and verification system :

This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. According to Tariq Malik, Pakistan has become the first country to adopt a contactless biometric and authentication system using smart cameras with the launch of this app.

The Features of Digital wallet :

Explaining the features of Digital Wallet, the Chairman of NADRA said it would be a unique digital ID, which ensures that people help and will change the National ID ecosystem in Pakistan by removing the traditional physical ID. The digital benefits of that technological innovation will bring positive results in offline banking, investment, convenience, and electronic management systems by providing remote detection and e-KYC (electronic know your customer).

More Details:

NADRA has registered 120 million adults nationwide, 96 percent of the population over 18, 83 percent in Balochistan, and more than 96 percent in other states. He said NADRA would open facilities in the remaining 20 locations out of 517 by June. He said NADRA would also launch 96 mobile vans, bringing 356 nationwide.

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