Murad Ali Directs Finance Unit to Stop Salaries of Unvaccinated Workers
No Income for Sindh Govt Employees without Covid-19 vaccination source:

Chief Minister Murad Ali Instructed Finance Unit to Stop Employees Payrolls:

Murad Ali, the Chief Minister of Sindh, directs the finance ministry to block the salaries of Sindh government workers who are refusing to take the vaccination against Covid-19.

All the employees are strictly advised to get take vaccines otherwise the government will not release their salaries.

Moreover, Chief Minister Murad Ali holds the task hold meeting regarding coronavirus. In the meetings, CM and the entire staff reviewed the condition of the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, the overall figures of vaccination across the Sindh were also reviewed.

While addressing the conference, Chief Minister Murad Ali commands the Finance department to pause the payrolls of the government employees of Sindh who refuse to take the vaccination doses against coronavirus.

NCOC targets to vaccinate about 70 million people countrywide:

According to the health department of Sindh, about 1,550,553 get the vaccine doses in the province. Whereas, about 1,121,000 people have taken their first vaccination doses. Moreover, about 429,000 people have taken the vaccination dosage against Covid-19.

Additionally, within the last 24 hours, about 78,799 people have already vaccinated. In this regard, NCOC reports say, “above 79.53 million people have taken vaccine all over the state so far”. However, the national monitoring body of coronavirus aims to vaccinate around 70 million people across the county by the end of 2021 respectively.


The inoculation of the vaccination dosage against coronavirus is very crucial for all people worldwide. This is the only way to defeat this deadly virus. That is why the government, as well as health professionals, are taking every possible step to convince people to take the vaccine.

For the prevention of people, the government is implementing strict rules and regulations so that people take the vaccines on time. To vaccinate yourself against coronavirus is the last option to prevent yourself from this virus.

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