MET Office Forecast, heat-wave of the season to hit the country this week
Is Karachi ready to fight with the first heat-wave? source:

Summer has only just begun; however, most parts of Karachi have before started to bake. The Met Office has forecast Due to Karachi’s hot and dry breeze this week, the first heat-wave of the season is around to hit the country, highlighted by the Pakistan Meteorological Department

Karachi: According to the report, hot to sweltering weather is likely to continue in Karachi during 30th March (today) to 03rd April, with maximum temperature ranging between 38 Centigrade to 40 degrees centigrade. Furthermore, from Tuesday to Saturday,  Sindh, southern Punjab, Eastern, and southern Balochistan will continue in the grip of scorching weather.

Weather conditions moreover likely to rise in most sub-mountainous areas of the country. Dust upraise winds are expected in Sindh and Balochistan throughout hot weather. The temperature is expected to remain on average 04 to 06 centigrade in the country’s most common areas in the daytime.

In an earlier weather report, Met Office, The Pakistan Meteorological Department stated that due to change of wind direction from southwest to north or northwest, there is hot to sweltering and dry weather will get in Karachi throughout neat four to five days with the highest temperature probably to reach 40 centigrade.

PMD had also forecast the sea breeze’s stay in the daytime, which will add to other rising of the port city’s temperature. According to the weather report, these changes occur from hot and dry Northern-western winds moving to Karachi.

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