Mango Jatt: Hareem Farooq Returns to Cinema with Faysal in Punjabi Film
Harem Farooq Makes a Cinematic Comeback, Sharing the Spotlight with Faysal Quraishi in ‘Mango Jatt’”

Hareem Farooq is coming back to the movies! She’s teaming up with Faysal Quraishi for a Punjabi film called “Mango Jatt.” Last time, you might remember her from the 2019 movie “Heer Maan Ja” with Ali Rehman Khan. After taking a break, Hareem is ready to charm the audience with her talent in “Mango Jatt” alongside the experienced actor Faysal Quraishi. Fans are super excited to see this powerful duo in action on the big screen, and the announcement has created a lot of buzz and curiosity among Pakistani cinema lovers.

Mango Jatt

Mango Jatt: A Groundbreaking Venture in Punjabi Cinema

The forthcoming film, “Mango Jatt,” not only stands as the first Punjabi venture for the renowned Khaie star but also promises to be a significant milestone in redefining the landscape of Punjabi cinema. This high-budget spectacle is set to unite a stellar cast of seasoned actors from Punjab and Sindh, bringing together the best of both regions. According to the director, Aleeha, the film distinguishes itself by featuring experienced theatre actors from both provinces, making it a unique and noteworthy cinematic experience. Additionally, Aleeha emphasizes that “Mango Jatt” aims to be a catalyst in fostering unity among the fan bases of these two provinces, acting as a stepping stone towards a shared cinematic appreciation.

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Mango Jatt

Casting Underway for Aleeha’s Blockbuster:

As the script for the upcoming film is securely in place, the casting process is in full swing. Reliable sources have confirmed ongoing negotiations with three A-list female stars for the highly coveted lead roles. The chosen female lead is expected to infuse the movie with her captivating charm and charisma, delivering an exciting performance. Director Aleeha, known for his successful track record, has earned international acclaim for his movies released on OTT platforms. With a filmography of nine movies, including hits like “Kataksha” and “Sheenogai,” his works such as “Tevar,” “Udham Patakh,” “Shotcut,” and “Kukri” have left an indelible mark on cinema screens. Hareem Farooq, the talented actress in consideration for the lead, has previously starred in popular films like “Parchi,” “Dobara Phir Se,” “Janaan,” “Allahyar,” and “The Legend of Markhor.” Her most recent project showcased her as a cricketer in “22 Qadam.”

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