Lexus EV will reveal a brand transformation on March 30.
Lexus will disclose a new electric concept: Source:

Lexus delivered a short teaser for its upcoming electric vehicle idea car and gave us an official launch date. A digital world debut is all set to occur on Tuesday, March 30.

The teaser of a new electric vehicle idea ahead of an occasion one week from now when the car will be displayed in full. Additionally, on event day, Lexus will give details on what it calls a brand change.

The Japanese luxury carmaker says that the EV idea will represent where the brand is going and marks the start of its cars’ future generations.

Expected features of EV

Today’s teaser shows a vertical grille vehicle with a height like a grille on the Nissan Z Proto. The idea has the clearance of an SUV or crossover, yet its smooth proportions, including a long hood and a delicately inclining windshield, give it sedan-like looks.

The details are still early, yet looking forward to that, the EV concept should highlight a tall ride height, camera-based wing-mirrors, and elastic side-wall. The rumor mills likewise propose that Lexus will modernize its unique spindle grille with smooth thin headlights and the lit-up the organization symbol is shining through.

EV might look like LF-30

According to reports, the new Lexus EV idea could be the LF-30, an utterly electric concept, exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Show back in 2019.

The LF-30 was the primary sign that Lexus was very serious about manufacturing electric vehicles. The automaker said that the idea is planned to expect 2030 when it predicts a significant portion of its cars to be electrified.

Price and color not revealed

Lexus has not revealed many features yet. The price is also not displayed of an upcoming electric car and in what colors the EV will available.

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