Karachi food street, Burnes Road to be transfer into an attractive and traffic free spot for public.

The District South organization has taken the choice to build up Karachi’s most famous food road, Burnes Road, in an offer to make it more engaging, appealing, and attractive and most important a great spot for the individuals and tourist to enjoy the delicious food comfortably.

Irshad Ali Sodhar District South Deputy Commissioner has shaped a council including 10 member s to make a plan to start this work.

The whole board of trustees will design a plan and think of a proposal with respect to the footpath and patchwork. Additionally, they will deal with the strategies to tackle the waste and sewerage problems besides the food street.

Besides, the board has been approached to design something for re-establish and improvement of the food street alongside the trash lifting work and time wise clean-up.

Then again, the paintwork will likewise be done on the front of the building structures in the city. Additionally, the advisory group will likewise activate on some standard-sized billboards and woodwork and also give an evening traffic plan.

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