Karachi beach is destroyed due to marine pollution.

Marine pollution has destroyed the charm and beauty of the Karachi coast, sea shores the world over attract the tourist, however Karachi’s sea shore has become an image of trash while marine pollution alarms sea-going life as well.

Karachi’s least expensive entertainment place, where residents run to enjoy the waves of the ocean. Dirty oil from boats and dispatches is the greatest reason for marine pollution.

Industrial waste and sewage water in Karachi has become a danger to marine life, the climate and human lives, and a huge number of gallons of sewage are dropping into the ocean consistently because of absence of water treatment.

Specialists state that because of the dirtied ocean air, different outbreaks are spreading in the city and 80% of the city’s populace is experiencing some type of hypersensitivity.

Removal of sewage directly into the ocean without treatment is harming the air of Karachi from one viewpoint and then again sea-going life has additionally become a disturbance.

Serious dangers to marine life, specialists caution that if quick action is not made, the fish found in Karachi’s waters won’t have the option to eat.

Authorities of the World Wildlife Fund Pakistan state that the quantity of turtles has likewise decrease because of the pollution of the ocean in Karachi.

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