ISHQIYA, a story of intense love & restrictions.
ISHQIYA, a story of intense love & restrictions. SOURCE: REVIEWIT.PK

Ishqiya’s story rotates around three unique families and four important leads. Hamna ‘Ramsha Khan’ and Hamza ‘Feroze Khan’ are in love. Hamza is in a situation to show this madness since he has no issue with clearly admitting his pure love for Hamna. While on the one side Hamza is appeared as a furious young man with a sentimental side, then again he is presented as a expert, somebody who does wonders in his studies. Hamza’s dad ‘Khalid Anam’ is truly cool and the whole climate in his home is totally not quite the same as that of Hamna’s.

Hamna has a sister Romaisa ‘Hania Aamir’ who has a character totally different from that of Hamna’s. While Hamna is in love and unconfident to uncover that mystery even to her sister. Romaisa is appeared as a joyful little young lady who trusts in her dad totally with her future.

Hamna on the other side is ready to Azeem ‘Gohar Rasheed’. Hamna and Romaisa’s dad ‘Shabbir Jan’ is carefully against love marriage in this manner Hamna doesn’t have the guts to inform him concerning Hamza.

Romi found out that her dad was battling a sickness which may be dangerous. Siddiqui sahab is an over-defensive yet caring dad and even with all the love there is a communication gap with her daughters.

Romi on the other side has no love interest therefore her life is great. She doesn’t need to confront the problems her sister is confronting and yet it is hard to take in why she can’t inform that Hamna is not happy.

Everything happened too fast and the proposal was settled before Hamna could meet up the guts to talk with Hamza.

OST Song: The OST is compose and singing by the Famous Pakistani singer Asim Azher

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