Insha’Allah, Pakistan will defeat India tomorrow: PM Imran Khan.
Pakistani cricket team has enough talent to beat India.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is expressing his hope that the team led by Babar Azam will defeat India in the T20 World Cup match on Sunday. The Prime Minister wished the team well.

PM discusses cricket with aides.

Millions around the world will be watching the reunion as these great rivals play together in a World Cup match. The premier’s statement came as he spoke to his aides about cricket. “This team has the talent to beat India,” he said. “Insha’Allah, Pakistan will defeat India tomorrow.”

‘Records are meant to be broken.’

Pakistan has lost all World Cup clashes (50 more) against India and five games in the Twenty20 World Cup and starts as “underdogs.” Pakistani captain Babar Azam on Thursday warned India, saying the national team would not consider playing in Pakistan’s previous match against India on Sunday. With great confidence, Babar has emphasized that the past is not important to his players. “To be honest, this past is beyond us,” Babar said at a press conference on Saturday, as both nations clamored for the game. “We want to use our skills and confidence on the day of the game to get better results.

Covid-19 restrictions.

Tickets for the game went on sold within a few hours of the sale after the United Arab Emirates government allowed the crowd 70% for the Twenty20 World Cup in the Covid-19 break. South Asian nuclear rivals have only played at international events such as the World Cup and the Champions Trophy as poor relations have hindered the two-state cricket since 2007. Pakistan visited India in 2012 with five stops in the games, but the ties did not resume as the two countries continued to disagree on several issues, with the Kashmir issue and the top terrorism on the list. Babar has admitted it will be a game full of momentum. “The games between Pakistan and India are always full of energy, so we need to do well in all three aspects of the game”.

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