Indian media is planning against Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pakistan.Murad Saeed.

Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed on Sunday said there were celebrations in India over the charges made against Prime Minister Imran Khan during the PDM jalsa, referring to the Opposition gatherings’ Pakistan Democratic Movement.

Saeed stated, the mission against Imran Khan is being praised in India and a international trick brought against Pakistan and Imran Khan.

Discussing Pakistan’s east-side neighbor, Saeed tried to reveal insight into the great game of India in which Imran Khan is a hurdle.

He said, “Indian planes were destroyed and India confronted shame everywhere on the world. India that needs to break Pakistan.”

Showering praise on the PM, the federal minister stated, Imran Khan has stand up his voice on the Kashmir issue. Imran Khan has revealed the ideology of RSS before the world. Imran Khan has battled the case of the finality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH’s) prophet hood in global gatherings.

It is India that is the cruel mistreating Kashmiris. It is India that is planning against Pakistan on each front.

India needs confusion in Pakistan to divert consideration from Kashmir. We need to beat the individuals who need to separate Pakistan.

“An international trick is being planned” against the nation and PM Imran Khan, he included, noticing that the country’s military and individuals have boldly battled terrorism.

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