Inaam-e-Mohabbat – New Drama Serial, Cast, Story, and Release Date
Upcoming drama serial Inaam-e-Mohabbat.

Get ready for the new Geo Entertainment drama series, Inaam-e-Mohabbat which will air soon. However, it is an exciting romance based on an emotional love story. Moreover, with its cast and an interesting storyline, the serial will likely be the next blockbuster superhit. In addition, the serial is a proud production of Gold Bridge Media produced under the direction of Furqan Nadeem.


Geo TV is one of the top 3 entertainment channels in Pakistan. However, the number of Geo TV viewers is very high. Geo TV has over 30 million subscribers on YouTube. Geo TV has starred in several major dramas, including Zakham, Chauraha, Mere Humnasheen, Dil Awaiz, and Saaya 2. These dramas are popular with viewers. However, Inaam e Mohabbat is also a new drama that is a piece of good news for Geo TV viewers. In the drama, Haroon Shahid and Nazish Jahangir played leading roles. We hope you enjoy the cast acting.

Drama Cast:

  • Nazish Jahangir
  • Haroon Shahid
  • Sidra Niazi
  • Sakina Samo
  • Becks Khan
  • Sajid Hassan
  • Rashid Farooqui
  • Fariha Jabeen
  • Raeed Muhammad Alam
  • Naveed Raza
  • Aimen Zaman Khan
  • Zain Afzal
  • Ayesha Rajput
  • Shehzad Malik
  • Naushaba Javed
  • Humera Affan
  • Adeel Abbas
  • Hoorain


A new project played by Nazish Jahangir, Haroon Shahid, and Sidra Niazi as we bring you a thrilling tale about concern over rejection. The story of the Inaam-e-Mohabbat drama series focuses on the level of romance, emotion, and suspense. The story is a love triangle in which Nazish Jahangir, Sidra Niazi, and Haroon Shahid play the leading roles. Moreover, Haroon Shahid plays the role of Maeer in a play that belongs to a wealthy and large family. Although Nazish Jahangir is the daughter of the driver of Maeerr, Maeer loves Nazish Jahangir, and Nazish also falls in love with her. Still, Haroon Shahid’s mother does not accept Nazish as her daughter-in-law and continues to trouble her in various ways, creating problems in her life. Eventually, Nazish Jahangir and Haroon Shahid get married.

On the other hand, Sidra Niazi also plays the lead role in a drama, and she loves Haroon, but Haroon Shahid marries Nazish, after which Sidra Niazi becomes very sad. Her family is very upset about her condition. However, Sidra Niazi’s father threatens Haroon Shahid that if anything happens to Sidra, Haroon will be liable for receipt.


The drama will produce by Syed Mukhtar Ahmed & Zeeshan M. Khan under the banner of the Gold Bridge Media Presentation company. 

Release Date:

The new Drama serial Inaam-e-Mohabbat will air on Geo Entertainment on 19th June 2022.

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