Immunization Certificates Are Provided to People After 1st Vaccine Dose
The Government decided to issue partial immunization certificates to people source:

Government Gives Immunization Certificates to People:

The government decides to give partial immunization certificates to the people who intend to travel abroad after taking the first dose of vaccination against Covid-19. Now, people can easily leave the country along with the single vaccination dosage. 

In this regard, the National Command and operation Center (NCOC) permits masses to leave the country with a single vaccine dose. Moreover, the government will issue them immunization certificates so that they can travel without facing any hardship or difficulty.

NCOC Issues Immunization Certificates to Only Those Who Get their First Dose:

Moreover, the sources report that NCOC clearly says that only those people will be facilitated by the Immunization certificates who have taken the 1st dose against Covid-19. People can get their certificates from the National Immunization Management System (NIMS) created by NADRA.

The Government introduces this certification portal across the country in March. In this case, Asad Umar, the Planning and Development Minister, also tweeted that NCOC has launched this certification of partial immunization countrywide.

Additionally, people, who have taken both vaccination doses against coronavirus, can download their certification from the official site of NIMS by following the link below:

Also, they can issue their certificates by going to the main centers of the National Database and Registration Authority.


The good news is that Pakistan is now going towards a recovery state. Many people have already taken the vaccine doses across Pakistan. Due to this great step, the rate of Corona-positive cases has dropped drastically. However, NCOC allows people who want to travel abroad along with partial immunization certificates.

In this regard, the government allows only those masses to travel who have taken at least one vaccine dosage. All in all, the Government and health experts are constantly pushing the people to take Covid vaccination. This is the only way to reduce the death rates and to survive this pandemic.

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