Gulab cyclone: Stormy winds, big waves feared in Karachi.
Storm Gulab nears the Sindh-Markarn coast. source:

Karachi: As Gulab cyclone nears the Sindh-Markarn coast, feared to convert into a Shaheen Cyclone, the stormy winds have taken over the pressure with infrequently reported showers in parts of the city, However, The areas along the coast belt have been warned by the Pakistan Meteorological Department and local disaster management to depart the settlements ahead of the fears of big and lashing waves as the spin-off effect of the cyclone.

People are advised to stay away from trees, billboards, and polls. Endangered buildings are also at risk, Director Met Office Sardar Sarfaraz. Earlier today, a meteorologist said the depression of the Arabian Sea was about 150 miles [250 km] from Karachi and continued to intensify. The Director of the Ministry of Environment in Pakistan said the weather conditions are ready to intensify depression into a hot storm. The current weather forecast shows the direction of the storm on the Makran coast in Balochistan,” said a weather official.

Karachi is likely to get rain at night, the PMD director said. Moreover, Heavy rains and moderate rains could also hit the city tomorrow. Karachi is expected to receive 100 to 150mm of rain today and tomorrow. The remnants of the Gulab cyclone could solidify and turn into Hurricane Shaheen in the Arabian Sea tomorrow (Friday).

Conclusion: As storm Gulab approached the shores of Sindh-Markarn on Thursday, fearful of turning into the Shaheen Cyclone, strong winds have taken over the sky with occasional heavy rains in parts of the city. Coastal belts have been warned, by the Pakistan Department of Meteorology and provincial disaster management authorities, to evacuate their homes due to fears of high tides and eruptions resulting from the storm attacks.

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