Foodpanda launched rider service, ‘pandago,’ for businesses in Pakistan.
Food Panda Launches Pandago service: source:

Pandago available in more than 40 cities:

The best leading food delivery service, Foodpanda, has launched its on-demand rider facility ‘pandago’ for business in Pakistan, which will be accessible in more than 40 cities across the country.

Every business can get benefit from it

Pandago is a service that will empower vendors to request a rider on-demand through the site. All businesses will able to benefit from it whether or not they are listed on the food panda.

Pandago allows vendors to focus on growing business

Moreover, with Foodpanda’s strong logistical network set up, Pandago will authorize vendors to focus on developing their business, serving a more significant client base while guaranteeing smooth and continuous deliveries.

Businesses requiring bundle delivery facilities can now demand a rider through a Pandago account on a pay-per-use basis. The delivery charges for services are distance-based, charged over a base fee of PKR 65. Every client will sign up for the service and approach an ongoing tracking system that will be useful for them to guarantee straightforwardness and deal with their transactions.

Additionally, with no extra onboarding and commission charges, the service can likewise be utilized as an emergency solution for businesses with existing delivery limits during a flood in demand.

Raafay Munir, Head of New Verticals at foodpanda Pakistan, adds the launch of new service plans to settle logistical difficulties for organizations of all sizes, tiny ones, to focus exclusively on their center business qualities activities.

The rider makes sure to deliver the package safely

Businesses would now be able to request a rider at whatever point they need to emerge against a base charge of PKR 65, if they are registered on Foodpanda’s platform or not. With our strategic skill as a central Q-Commerce organization, every rider guarantees that the bundle is delivered securely and timely, with vendors choosing to track each delivery easily.

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