PM Imran said the government making all-out efforts to deal with the deadly virus.

Emphasizing the requirement for joint attempts against the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the legislature and the country will mutually battle and win against the infection.

PM Imran said that the legislature was putting all-out attempts to manage the dangerous infection. He encouraged all portions of the general public to approach and assume their job in containing the spread of novel coronavirus.

In the event, PM Imran cautioned the hoarders and profiteers of harsh activity. He kept up that the infection could spread and asked the majority to take on appropriate preventive measures to shield themselves from the dangerous infection.

PM Imran urged the individuals to cease from freaking, keep away from social affairs of in excess of 40 individuals, handshaking, and wash hands with cleansers as often as possible and use covers while travelling.

He requested that the majority keep away from reaching individuals infected with the infection, particularly the individuals who are originating from foreign nations.

The prime minister said that the infection is a kind of influenza and what separates it is that it spreads rapidly He said that 97 percent of the coronavirus patients pull through.

He said that there is no requirement for freak out in the midst of the spread of coronavirus in the nation, including that the administration is watchful and making each conceivable move to control the outbreak.

The PM said a coordination council and an economic committee has been shaped to handle the circumstance.

He praised the Pakistan Army and Balochistan government for building rare services at Pak-Iran border. The PM requested that Ulema play out their obligation to control masses right now of history.

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