Electric Cars: Why Many People Don’t Have Electric Cars In Pakistan
Reasons for why People Still Have Doubts About Electric Cars in Pakistan

The initial introduction of electric cars posed a perplexing prospect for many individuals, stirring uncertainty due to the new technology and the absence of traditional engines. This novelty led to hesitancy among people when contemplating the adoption of these vehicles. When Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Roadster, it was initially perceived as a luxury reserved for those with substantial budgets. Nevertheless, Tesla has undergone significant advancements over the years. Similarly, the electric car trend gradually made its way into Pakistan.

Despite the current popularity and recognition, Pakistan finds itself in a transitional phase, with electric cars not yet attaining commonplace status. What impediments exist, and why hasn’t the widespread adoption of electric cars become a reality in Pakistan? Delving into these questions reveals the factors hindering their integration into the mainstream automotive landscape.

They Are Costlier Than Combustion Engines:

Electric cars tend to be more expensive than their combustion engine counterparts. Unlike flagship models like the Land Cruiser, many combustion engine cars offer a more budget-friendly option. Consumers often seek to maximize the value of their budget when purchasing a car. Despite Audi E-Trons in the market, many individuals opt for alternative luxury cars within the same budget. The features available in combustion engine cars at a lower cost still outweigh the comparatively pricier electric alternatives.

Electric Cars
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Lack Of Spare Parts:

The scarcity of spare parts is a notable challenge for electric cars, primarily because they incorporate newer technologies. While Pakistan boasts a well-established market for auto parts, it is predominantly tailored to combustion engines and hybrid cars. In electric cars, individuals often have to import spare parts, leading to prolonged waiting periods, sometimes stretching to three months or more. This predicament can be particularly inconvenient if your electric car encounters an accident, leaving you stranded while waiting for the elusive spare part to arrive, assuming it is even available.

Electric Cars
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No Electric Infrastructure:

The absence of electric infrastructure is a significant impediment to the widespread adoption of electric cars in Pakistan. A robust support system, including charging stations, is essential for a diverse range of electric vehicles to thrive in the country. Presently, the number of charging stations in Pakistan is limited, with only a few scattered in Karachi. Consequently, individuals are left with the option of charging their cars at home, which, at times, can be more expensive than operating a traditional fuel-driven vehicle.

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Limited Electric Car Options:

The availability of electric car options is restricted in Pakistan, primarily because the technology is relatively new. The limited number of brands offering electric cars hinders a more widespread adoption. People would likely be more inclined to purchase electric cars if there were more affordable alternatives. The market’s potential growth would be significantly boosted if local manufacturers produced electric vehicles. However, it is anticipated that some time will pass before electric vehicles become commonplace in the country.

Electric Cars
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Lack of Awareness:

The absence of initiatives and awareness is a key factor preventing many individuals from purchasing electric cars. The lack of support, such as bank financing options tailored for electric car purchases over an extended period, deters potential buyers. Additionally, there is a need for increased awareness about the advantages of electric cars to encourage more people to consider them as viable options.

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