Diriliş Ertuğrul main actor Engin Altan Düzyatan landed in Pakistan.

Having acknowledged the greeting of a personal business organization, lead star Engin Altan Duzayatan has made his way toward the nation contributing complete sincerity and commitment towards his achievement, after his role in the historic drama ‘Dirilis Ertugrul’.

In a gathering, Engin Altan tended to the crowd that gave him love and respect, respect of his popularity playing the lead in the famous historical drama Diliris Ertugrul.

He considered it a happiness that Pakistan’s PM Imran loves the drama and loves me, expressing gratitude toward Imran Khan for his role in recommending the show to Pakistanis and urging them to watch it.

He also conveyed some great news, he said he was ready to working in Pakistan. Why not! He said. In the event that you have a decent story for me, why not.

After tending to fans in a press conference, Engin Altan spend good time being a tourist in the nation that is given him so much love.

He added that this was his first visit and he was unable to get a chance to travel the remainder of the nation. In any case, I’m sure how amazing the scenery is and Insha’Allah at whatever point chance comes, I would love to visit again.

Recently, Altan satisfied the desires of three little ill fans from Pakistan, anxious to meet him through a Facebook live meeting organized by Make-A-Wish NGO.

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