COVID-19 vaccine proof of Pak-China friendship, FM Qureshi
Pakistan welcomes Covid-19 vaccine: source:

Pakistan welcomes Covid-19 vaccine:

Pakistan on Monday expressed gratitude toward Chinese President Xi Jinping for gifting it to the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine which arrived at the nation today.

The strong friendship between Pak-China

The foreign minister said that the gift is the verification of fellowship between the two nations and adding that China one more time showed its never-ending friendship with Pakistan by helping it in the middle of hardship.

He added that China had stood side by side with Pakistan in the battle against the coronavirus. The help that they gave us in front of the country and I am appreciative of China for that as well.

Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong, talking before FM Qureshi, said Pakistan was the very first country in the world to get the Covid-19 vaccine given by the Chinese government.

Pakistan is our dearest companion and is the need of our help. We might want to value the Pakistan government for its help in allowing emergency approval to Sinopharm’s vaccine and for directing the Phase 3 trial of the CanSino vaccine. We hope that more collaboration should follow and more individuals can profit from it. The ambassador too saw that 2021 would stamp 70 years of strategic ties among Pakistan and China.

First healthcare workers benefit from the vaccine

The batch of the Covid-19 vaccine, which was brought to Pakistan through a PAF airplane, contains 500,000 portions of the Sinopharm vaccine that has been gifted by China.

Pakistan has asked China for another million dosages. Pakistan is likewise set to get 17 million doses of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine under a worldwide plan to convey id medicines to non-industrial countries

Around 6 million doses will show up before the end of March under the COVAX scheme, with the remainder due by mid-year.

Furthermore, the government has said it will vaccinate healthcare workers first, adding that around 400,000 health experts have applied for vaccination.

The enrollment procedure of residents more than 65 years would begin in the following 10 to 15 days.

Sindh Covid-19 vaccine ride to start from Feb 3

Sindh Health Minister Dr. Azra Pechuho said that the vaccination campaign in the country would start on 3rd Feb. In a video message, she shared details of the campaign, saying only doctors and healthcare professionals would be vaccinated in the first phase. “The vaccine available to us is Sinopharm’s vaccine and its efficacy is 90 per cent,” she said.

She also shared a list of the adult vaccination centres (AVCs) that have been authorized by the Sindh government.

List of AVCs:

  • Korangi Hospital, Karachi
  • Urban Health Centre, Malir, Karachi
  • Ojha Hospital, Karachi
  • Qatar Hospital, Karachi
  • Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi
  • Khaliq Dina Hall, Karachi
  • Liaquatabad Hospital, Karachi
  • Sindh Government Hospital, Karachi
  • Children’s Hospital, Karachi
  • Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Hyderabad
  • Mother and child healthcare centre (MCH), Benazirabad

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