CanSino Dose & Hospitals Have Put the Lives of Pakistanis at Risk
Hospitals are giving Placebo Shots to People instead of actual CanSino source:

Covid-19: Many Local Hospitals are injecting Saline Water instead of CanSino:

CanSino, Sinopharm, and other vaccines are inoculated to people for the protection against Coronavirus. This is the third phase of the trial of CanSino. Many people have already taken the doses and there were no complaints so far. But now, it seems that around half of the population has received the actual doses and the other half received Placebo Shots in place of CanSino.

Now, it is difficult to identify which is the actual vaccination dose and which is Saline water. Most of the Local hospitals of Pakistan are doing such things. Even after taking both doses of vaccine, most people still have this confusion about whether they are safe against Covid-19 or not.

The Hospital Management left the patients ignored and helpless:

Previously, in October 2020, local hospitals such as Shifa International in Islamabad invited some people to take the trial for CanSino (Chinese vaccine). Many volunteers participated. The hospital injects them the vaccine dose and says that the results are not confirmed yet.

Whereas, this vaccine has gone viral already. Even Shifa International is selling Vaccines at an extremely high cost. Here is the message from this hospital.

Moreover, the hospital management told the volunteers to call them when the results came out. But they didn’t contact their people. Now, those people are at risk. As a matter of fact, these hundreds or thousands of volunteers have put their lives at risk by the inoculation of the placebo Shots.

Honestly, to volunteer such a thing against a deadly virus is the biggest favor for these hospitals but they create this mess. The hospital management has left these volunteers stranded.


After getting no response from the hospitals in this regard, the volunteers send emails to the biologist of CanSino. Unfortunately, they also didn’t respond. Even NIC selected the volunteers but neither NIC nor the biologist had any idea about what is going on inside the hospital management.

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