Bykea launches Car Hailing service in Karachi and Islamabad
The company has launched its new service with a new tagline, “Hum ho gaye hain 2 se 4”. source:

The bike taxi and logistics company Bykea has finally launched its car-hailing service in Pakistan. Earlier this week, the company teased the launch with a social media post that read, “Hum honay walay hain 2 se 4”. Moreover, the company confirmed the launch of its new service with a new tagline, “Hum ho Gaye hai 2 se 4”.

BYKEA offers slightly lower costs than competitors:

Since the increase in fuel costs, Bykea has seen a huge increase in customer base and revenue, which has likely allowed the company to expand its services. The ride-sharing service now competes with Careem, Uber, and InDriver, which already have devices to hail cars and bikes. Bykea plans to launch its services in Karachi and Islamabad and is expected to expand further in the coming months.

The company operates in many major cities across Pakistan

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Bykea has raised $10 million from its current partners to tap into growing demand in Pakistan. Furthermore, the company operates in many major cities across Pakistan, with 1.7 million monthly active users and over 60,000 driver partners. Bykea executive chairman Jonas Eichhorst told Bloomberg,  “We see a huge opportunity to serve the middle class by offering easy, affordable, and convenient transportation and logistics solutions.” The success of this point of view is evident in Bykea’s rapidly growing customer base and its launch of the new business.

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