Bulletin: A Newsletter Platform Introduced by Facebook
Facebook is enhancing to give a tough competition to the email newsletter trend.

Exclusive – Facebook Launches Bulletin – A Newsletter Platform:

Bulletin is the latest newsletter product of Facebook. Moreover, it is the only product that provides free as well as a paid platform for articles and podcasts. The objective of Facebook to launch Bulletin Product is to compete with Substack. Previously, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook launched this platform. Moreover, this platform will be live at Bullettin.com.

Furthermore, some writers are already recruited for the creation of live rooms on Facebook.  As a matter of fact, Facebook is making efforts to compete with the fast-paced email newsletter trend. This is because the high-level journalists and writers have left the media agencies to strike.

This Platform provides writers an opportunity to publish content on their own:

In these circumstances, Bulletin Platform provides potential writers and journalists a chance to publish their content without any external aid. Bulletin is the self-publishing platform. It helps the writer to market their email subscription and gets their pay instantly.

However, other huge platforms like Twitter are also competing in this discipline. Twitter needs a newsletter earning platform to proceed with this insight. Facebook’s CEO says that under the Bulletin Platform, the writers and journalists have the opportunity to select their own revenue package including the subscription prices.

Moreover, they are launching this platform along with the high-potential writers and authors like sportscaster Erin Andrews, author Malcolm Gladwell and “Queer Eye” star Tan France. In fact, Facebook is glad to invest around $1 Billion in the establishment of this news industry in the upcoming years.

In addition, these articles and journals will also be available in the Facebook newsfeed section as well as in the news section to comfort the readers.


In this regard, the CEO of Facebook says that they built this application on a separate website so that the people can earn this platform and drive traffic to their articles and podcasts. In this way, they don’t have to be dependent on Facebook.

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