Bilal Abbas Khan- Biography, Age, Family, Education, and Dramas.
Bilal Abbas made his debut in 2016. source:

Bilal Abbas Khan is a Pakistani model and actor. He has made himself an actor who has done many things in a few years. Bilal Abbas Khan, however, has worked hard to get to where he is today. He always felt that he was destined to do so. A few years ago, he was part of a very popular series.

Beginning of his career:

He is always trying to reinvent himself by trying with different role He has the power to play both good and bad roles with great accuracy. You have a look and the talent to make you great in this field. He has worked with leading figures in the field. This is just the beginning of his career, and he has achieved so much. Bilal shared the conversation that he made an effort not to repeat the roles he had already played. He finds the fun of the challenge because it gives him a chance to show a different side of his acting skills all the time.

Age of Bilal Abbas:

Bilala Abbas was born on June 4, 1992 in Karachi. He is 29 years old. He has officially joined the showbiz industry at the age of 24. he is one of the few celebrities who has never posted celebratory photos from his birthday parties. The only time he posted a photo was with his family members.

The family of Bilal Abbas:

Bilal Abbas views his family as his life. He has 2 brothers and a sister. His brother and sister are older than him, and he has one younger brother. he was raised and lived in a combined family system. His father always wanted to be an actor, but he could not achieve his dream. So he wanted his son to get into acting so that his dream could come true. His mother is a fashion designer. When he joined the showbiz, she told him she was going to design his clothes.

The family of Bilal Abbas
The family of Bilal Abbas

Bilal Abbas Education:

In addition, Bilal had a decent height of 6 inches, but he had other plans. He received his early training at Boarding School at Lawrence College because his mother and father always wanted him to join the Army. He used to take part in many events to eliminate a strong Military coach. After participating in many events, he realized that he would grow into an actor, so he left college. Did his BBA in Marketing from Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology Karachi Campus joined showbiz.

Bilal Abbas Drama List:

  • Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahin
  • Dumpukht
  • Saanp Seerhi
  • Rasm-e-Duniya
  • Qurban
  • Baykhudi
  • O Rungreza
  • Balaa
  • Cheekh
  • Laal

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