This deep story of betrayal is composed by Radain Shah.

‘Ushna Shah’ as ‘Shireen’ is back, yet with another negative character, a tricky and greedy women who is engaged with her boss in spite of knowing the way that he is married and is the dad of a son. ‘Naveen Waqar’ as Kinza is married to Ahaan ‘Ali Rehman Khan’, and her life spins around him and their child. She has a very controlling and commanding nature.

Bewafa portrays how a relationship can self-destruct in light of a wife’s incredibly possessive and doubting nature which drives the husband to do precisely what the wife fears the most.

Kinza evidently resembles a wise person who encourages others to believe their life partners yet she herself is very possessive and she regularly gets suspicious about her husband’s exercises.

Aahan is an extremely quiet person, he is a family man and he knows his points of limits. He is the person who rushes to state sorry in all arguments. He is being faithful to his wife, in spite of the fact that he once in a while sees her colleague Shireen checking out him he ignores her. At whatever point his wife gets some information about the office he never hides away and discloses to her everything the details sincerely. However, he gets disturbed and irritated by her wife’s over possessiveness however he never expresses it. He gets amazed when his wife shows him Shireen’s voice message however he gets hurt that his wife has trust issues with him. He bashes Shireen in front all the office. Later following a day, he begins feels sorry about that he is being rude with her. She is very broken when Aahan offended her for sharing her emotions in front of the entire office yet then her similarly cunning sister ‘Maira Khan’ advised her to remain solid and stick to him. At that point Ahan apologizes to Shireen and begin going out with her every day.

He is impressed by Shireen’s caring heart, her mindful frame of mind towards him and especially for Kinza, she generally talks so well about Kinza. Shireen is playing tricks just to trap him and she is prevailing in that.

She acts in front of her brother as though she is dying or her parents will kill her and her brother who is such a great amount of worried about his respect really goes to Aahaan’s office to get him and discloses to him that his parents are going to murder her on which Aahaan takes a choice in flurry to do nikkah with Shireen without thinking of his wife mother and son.

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