Bahria Town Karachi - Protesters Se
Protesters say that they are being forcibly expelled from their fields. source:

Exclusive from Bahria Town Karachi:

Protesters attacked Bahria Town Karachi on Sunday, 6th June 2021. They set several cars and shops on fire. However, the reason behind this protest is that these people are forcefully evicted from their housing society. Moreover, a huge number of protesters were seated outside their society which is situated beside the Super Highway.

Furthermore, the protesters say that they are evicted from their ancestral lands. They were living in this area for decades. Additionally, a huge crew of police was present to take over this disturbing situation. While, the management of Bahria Town Karachi closed the gateway along with containers.

However, the protesters violated the sealed gate and reached the housing society. Moreover, the protesters destroyed the Suzuki Car Showroom and well-established food corners.

Protesters Also Rob At Least Two ATMs:

According to the statement of eyewitnesses, the protesters grabbed two ATMs at that place. However, Police manage to displace the unity of the protesters after the struggle of some time. In fact, the eyewitness remains unknown.

As a matter of fact, the Sindh Action Committee calls for the protest against the illegal takeover of lands by the management of Bahria Town Karachi. The Sindh Action Committee members include Qadir Magsi, Jalal Mehmood, Ayaz Latif, and several other leaders. Moreover, the Sindh Indigenous Right Alliance also speaks in the favor of this call.

The people of nearby villages attended this call. They say that they were expelled from their residents forcibly. In this regard, Sira’s Hafeez addressed an interview saying that we withdraw all of our members as soon as the protest goes out of control. “We are not involved in what is happening. The members of the Sindh Action Committee perhaps involved in this case”, Sira added.


According to Baloch, the management of Bahria Town Karachi wanted to grab the land of Noor Muhammad Gabal Goth, Usman Allahrakhiyo Goth Haji Baksh Gabal Goth as well as Abdullah Gabal Goth. Furthermore, the management also wants to take over the private lands of Kamal Jokhiyo, Faiz Gabal, and Ameeruddin Gabal Goth.

One of the members of Sindh Action Committee Qadir Magsi said that they were the Bahria town’s own masses who violated the peaceful protest. Moreover, the committee has nothing to do with this scenario.

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