AstraZeneca Supply delayed after cases increase in India.
Serum Institute of India diverts supply: Source:

Serum Institute of India (SII) diverts AstraZeneca supply after cases of the virus heighten in India

Pakistan may not get the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine doses until May or later. The GAVI and WHO-drove COVAX is confronting a deficiency as India’s Serum Institute (SII) has redirected supplies to meet domestic issues. The third dangerous wave of the virus leading a flood in cases across the world.

Because of a flood in Covid cases, their native Indians’ interest increased postponed trade approval for COVAX.

SII is the most prominent vaccine producer

Pakistan was required to get 14 million doses, the highest for any country in the gathering. However, there has a deficiency of Covishield, an antibody created by the anglo Swedish pharma major AstraZeneca and which COVAX is assigning.

The Covishield is being made by SII the world’s biggest vaccine producer, at its gigantic creation in Pune.

According to National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination (NHS, R&C ), AstraZeneca’s supply delay has influenced Pakistan alongside numerous nations that planned to get supplies during March.

GAVI does not provide a single dose

Aamir Ashraf Khawaja, the higher official at the health ministry, said we are battling to keep the vaccination move going because GAVI has not given Pakistan a single dose. Thus, Pakistan chose to explore different choices, including business import of the hits, which an enormous part of its population will not afford.

He added, GAVI had prior shown sending a transfer to Islamabad by early March, yet it didn’t come. Due to this gap, we are forced to purchase whatever is accessible at this challenging time.

Delivery date not confirmed

Dr. Faisal Sultan had earlier confirmed that Pakistan was in contact with AstraZeneca over the Covid vaccines’ stock postponement. He added we are in regular communication with Covax. There isn’t yet any confirmation date of delivery.

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