Amna Ilyas wins hearts with a teaser for the upcoming short film 'Jugaad.'
Amna Ilyas upcoming short film ‘Jugaad’ source:

Pakistani supermodel Amna Ilyas has won the hearts of fans with the teaser of her short film Jugaad starring the most talented actors Khalid Malik and Mani. The 33-year-old has announced that the film is ready for release on Ilyas’ YouTube channel Illy TV. Amna Ilyas is a Pakistani actress, best known for her role as Neha in Baaji. The actress has been part of the Pakistan Showbiz industry for over a decade now and has appeared in local and international forums.

The journey of Amna is full of several distractions in the Fashion industry, especially her Skin tone and bold images. However, Amna Ilyas’ self-confidence and natural beauty undoubtedly make her one of the most rated models in Pakistan.

Writer & Director of Upcoming Film:

Jugaad was written by Sajid Hasan, directed by Dawar Mehmood, and produced by Ilyas. It stars RJ Khalid Malik and Mani as the best. Ilyas recently posted a teaser for an upcoming project on Instagram.

Malik said the short film is a satirical work, Echoing details about the project, and the story is “based on the dreams of a struggling and aspiring director.” Speaking to local news, Ilyas revealed more about the story, “They are struggling to make a feature film. It’s very fun. Mani plays the producer, and Khalid plays the Director. They both did a great job.” In addition, Jugaad will be released on October 9 on Ilyas’ YouTube channel.

Release Date of Upcoming Film Jugaad:

The film will be released on October 9 on Ilyas’ YouTube channel.


Amna Ilyas is a talented and exemplary actress, and she started her acting debut with Azfar Rehman on Hum Tv. Her film Baaji garnered success. She made her debut with Azfar Rehman on Hum Tv. Baaji film has been a success.

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