Amazon has suspended Over 13,000 Pakistani accounts due to fraud
Amazon closes more than 13,000 seller accounts from Pakistan.

Amazon has reportedly closed more than 13,000 Pakistani sellers’ accounts over fraud allegations. Small business owners opting to become Amazon sellers is a trend that has been steadily growing over the past few years thanks to government support under various Pakistan Post offers to boost cottage industries and boost the country’s exports.

Mian Chunnu and Sahiwal Identified For Fraud activities:

Amazon has reportedly declared Mian Chanua and Sahiwal, towns in Punjab, as fraud red zones as sellers operating from these areas were found to be involved in fraudulent activities. Sources claimed that Amazon has also blocked IP addresses from Mian Channu, and now people from these areas are running accounts from Dubai or through other clients’ computers.

As per details, vendors use a variety of fraud schemes, including the kabootar (pigeon trick), rickshaw trick, carding, and filing.

Kabootar Trick:

Sellers use the Kabootar trick, i.e., fake tracking when a buyer orders products from a fraudulent Amazon seller. Two different sites provide fake tracking. Amazon usually credits sellers within 14 days, but these sellers inform customers that their orders will take 15 to 20 days to arrive. The customer does not raise any disputes by trusting the sellers, and Amazon transfers the amount to the seller after 14 days. Genuine buyers never receive their products, and fraudulent sellers make money. Sellers are reportedly making thousands of dollars with this Kabootar trick.


This is a common trick in which people make accounts on dark websites. Such people buy hacked cards from websites for $100 to $200 with complete details, including card number, expiry, and Card Verification Value (CVV). Moreover, these merchants use these cards to buy prepaid gift cards and sell them. This way, they can avoid being caught by the authorities.


It is another malicious trick used by Pakistani sellers. In this method, sellers receive orders in their Amazon account, purchase them from another account, but ship them to the original buyer. They open accounts with Sam’s Club, Walmart, and other merchants and buy items ordered by Amazon customers using the buyers’ shipping addresses. All orders shipped to Amazon consumers are returned with the help of Sam’s Club staff because the same buyer receives a shipment from one seller. The dishonest seller will get the buyer’s money and a refund from the other seller.

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