Al-Qadir University: PM Imran inaugurates academic blocks in Jhelum.
PM inaugurated academic blocks at the Al Qadir University. source:

Jhelum: PM Imran Khan unveiled the academic blocks at Al-Qadir University on Monday while delivering a speech at the event.  The PM said it was in our interest to follow in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The importance of colleges and universities 

He said preparing the most knowledgeable and capable young people with moral strength was an hour’s need and he emphasized the need for a self-improvement education system and a source of social change. Faith is the greatest gift of Allah Almighty to humanity. Based on Islamic teachings, Sufism, and modern scientific research, the University will play an important role in shaping characters and promoting current knowledge among the youth.

Foundation stone of Al-Qadir University:

About 60 female and male students enrolled in the University; however, PM Imran Khan laid the foundation stone of Al-Qadir University in October 2019 to make the institution a scientific and spiritual center.

Western culture:

Delivering a speech at his inauguration ceremony in Jhelum, Imran Khan said that a cowardly and selfish man would never be a leader. The theft of the country’s leader is a great tragedy, and he said who will work hard in a society where corruption cannot be considered corruption. “A leader thinks beyond his personality and masses,” he said.

The prime minister said the biggest problem in the country was the prevalence of Western culture. Western culture was deteriorating spiritually. Our youth are not paid. To be a great nation, you have to have a great character.

University a gift for people of Jhelum:

Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry, on his Twitter account, said Al-Qadir University’s establishment was another gift for Jhelum. He said the University would add a new dimension to social science. He expressed hope that it would become a world-class center for Sufism, Islam, and Science scholars.

Abdul Qadir University

Named after the great Sufis of Islam, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, Abdul Qadir University is one of the prime projects of Prime Minister Khan. He had proposed the establishment of a university that would offer religious education, modern science, Sufism, mystery, and high moral standards by 2019. The PM has laid the foundation stone of the University for 2019, intending to make it the foundation of science and spirituality.

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