A test kit that can detect the new coronavirus.

A Chinese firm has built a test kit that can distinguish the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 out of 15 minutes, far fast than the present strategy.

Textile and chemical item creator Kurabo Industries has declared that from one week from now it will start selling test kits created by its Chinese companion.

The kit, which utilizes a little blood test and a reagent, is required to decrease time and expenses compared with the Polymerase chain response ‘PCR’ test as of now used to recognize the lung irritation causing disease, as per the producer. PCR testing takes four to six hours after a sample is gathered from a patient’s throat or different pieces of the body.

Photo: CDC via AP

The new kit will take just 15 minutes to show a red line on a test strip after a blood test from an expected patient is blended in with a reagent on the strip. The red line shows the nearness of antibodies for the infection in the blood and a positive test outcome.

The pack created in China has just been utilized by Chinese medical foundations.

It will be at a sale from Monday, and not at all like the flow PCR tests, it’s additionally powerful in identifying the infection in patients at beginning periods of the illness, the Chinese firm said.

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